Do you trust your IT provider?

All IT providers like to consider themselves a “trusted advisor” to you and your business but are they deserving of your trust?

Here are some questions to think about:

1. Do you trust your IT company to respond to and resolve any problems that arise with hardware or software?

2. Do you trust your IT company with your most sensitive business information, client database, supplier details etc?

3. Do you trust your IT company to always suggest the most appropriate solutions for your business, not limited to what they have experience with or what they make the best money on but the best for YOU?

4. With the world of IT rapidly changing (I don’t see that changing any time soon) do you trust your IT provider to be keeping up with the new services and products on the market and to advise you when there are offerings that would benefit your business?

I would like to hear what you think on this issue, please use the comment function below.

Perhaps it might be worth considering a strategic technology advisor to work directly with you to determine the best solutions for your business and utilise a “Computer guy/gal” to do the day-to-day break-fix work and supply of new hardware and software as per your technology plan????